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Thursday Night


Kenny Omega v. Lashley

Predatory Conquest v. Harlem Heat

Number One Contenders Match for Tag Titles
Deuce & Domino v. Matt Cardona & Brian Meyers

The Great Khali v. The Big Show

Non-Title Fatal 4 Way
EC3 v. Mustafa Ali v. Nick Jackson v. Matt Jackson

Rikishi & Kenny Omega SummerSlam World Title Contract Signing

Card is subject to change

Thrill Zone Results


(IWF logo flashes across the screen. “The Fight Song” by Marilyn Manson blares over the in house pa system and the Thrill Zone video montage playing. This fades into IWF cameras finding Arn Anderson backstage at Thrill Zone live from Madison Square Garden in New York. The Commissioner is on his cell phone.)

Arn Anderson: Things have gotten out of hand. Yes sir. Yes.. I.. Yes.. No.. You’re absolutely right, I’ll take care of it..

(Anderson slams his flip phone shut.)

Arn Anderson: I’m laying down the law tonight!

(The camera shoots to ringside.)

Jim Ross: Welcome to another edition of Thursday Night Thrill Zone. I am Jim Ross alongside the one and only, Matt Striker.

Matt Striker: JR, if tonight is anything like last week, we are in store for some evening.

Jim Ross: It appears as though Commissioner Anderson has had enough.

Matt Striker: Last week’s Thrill Zone was absolute carnage. Speaking of which, our opening contest is up next.

Singles Match
Adam Page v. Lashley

Page is out first followed by Lashley. As soon as the ref calls for the bell ding, ding, ding Lashley spears Page. Page holds his gut. Page is on his feet into another spear. Lashley pops up and taunts. Page is up on one knee and before he is up on the other, Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock but Page manages to escape it. Page turns around with a devastating clothesline to Lashley. A cover 1…2.. but Lashley gets a shoulder up and pounces to his feet. He goes for another spear but Page steps out of the way and throws Lashley into the turnbuckle. Lashley holds his shoulder. Page is on the outside of the ring apron and springboards 360 over the top rope into a Buckshot Lariat for the victory!

Winner by pinfall: Adam PAGGEEEE!!!!

(Arn Anderson is walking backstage, obviously with a lot on his mind. This is when he runs into the Big Show.)

Big Show: Arn.. Commish.. I need to talk to you

Arn Anderson: Listen Show, I’m really busy.

Big Show: Too busy? Too busy for the man who won the first main event in Thrill Zone history? Only to be forgotten this week’s show?

Arn Anderson: Show, I apologize and I’ll get you something.

Big Show: No, you don’t understand. I’m not leaving here without an answer. I respect you Arn, but I need to know. Where do I stand?

Arn Anderson: You know what Big Show. You’ve just given me an idea. Exactly what I needed and have been looking for.

Big Show: And what exactly is that?

Arn Anderson: Show, you are my new enforcer right here on Thrill Zone. Things got out of hand last week. The Board of Directors were not happy with all of the destruction here last week and felt I should’ve stepped in sooner. Well, that is not quite who I am. I sit back and let wrestlers be wrestlers and I will continue to do that. Only with my new enforcer.. The Big Show!

(Anderson extends his hand out.)

Big Show: You’ve got yourself a deal.

(Show and Anderson shake hands.)

Goes to commercial

Jim Ross: Welcome back.

Matt Striker: Huge news JR! Arn Anderson has made The Big Show his enforcer!

Jim Ross: Smart choice if you ask me. Big Show has a good head on his shoulders, has the build and the right character.

Matt Striker: I couldn’t agree more. JR, up next is Nasty Boys taking on Deuce and Domino

Non-Title Match
Nasty Boys v. Deuce & Domino

Deuce and Domino are out with Cherry in their corner. The fans boo them. Jimmy Hart runs down the aisle with the IWF Tag Champs, Nasty Boys, following. Ding, ding, ding. Immediate two on two brawl erupts. Ref Hebner tries to stop the chaos but they continue to brawl. Knobbs and Domino and Sags and Deuce. Knobbs off the ropes with a clothesline sending Domino to the outside. Deuce with a clothesline sending Sags over the top rope and smacking his face off the ring apron. Deuce and Knobbs meet in the middle and they immediately start slugging it out. Knobbs off the ropes and plants Deuce with a running DDT. Meanwhile on the outside Sags and Domino meet. Domino irish whips Sags into the steel guardrails. Sags grunts in pain. Knobbs with a leg drop on Deuce. Domino sets up a table on the outside of the ring. Hebner tells him to stop. Domino calls on Deuce. Domino then distracts Knobbs. Hebner is fixated on Domino. Deuce low blows Knobbs from behind and throws him outside the ring. Domino starts kicking Knobbs on the ground outside. Deuce slides out and hits Sags with a Crack ‘Em in the Mouth. Deuce and Domino plant Knobbs through the table. They walk over to Sags and plant him through JR and Striker’s table. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ: The Nasty Boys

(Striker runs over to Deuce & Domino.)

Striker: Gentlemen, you just cost yourselves the match.

Domino: They put us through a table…

Deuce: We put ‘dem fools through one.

(Jimmy Hart argues with the ref as Cherry hugs her team to the back.)

Striker: Back to you JR.

JR: I said it once and I’ll say it again. That was a slobberknocker.

Handicap Match
Great Khali v. Harlem Heat

Harlem Heat both stand in the ring with the monster Great Khali walking in. Ding, ding, ding. Booker T and Stevie Ray run at Great Khali and double check him. He doesn’t budge. They try again and Khali barely moves an inch. Booker T runs off the ropes with a flying clothesline into a fist. He is down. Stevie Ray gives it a go and Great Khali with the big boot. Booker T is up and a big chop to the head and he is out. Stevie Ray the same thing. Khali stands tall. He grabs onto Stevie Ray and grasps it. He taps but Khali won’t let go.

Winner by submission: Great Khali

(Booker T jumps on Khali’s back. Khali releases Stevie Ray. Khali latches onto Booker T. He flails as Khali presses down. Sister Sherry jumps into the ring yelling at Khali. Khali finally releases and back Sherry into a corner. He slowly moves in closer and closer. Sherry turns from stern to pleading for her life. “Wellllllllll…. Well it’s the Big Show” hits the in house pa system and Big Show storms to the ring.)

JR: Business is about to pick up

(Big Show hits the ring with Harlem Heat and Sister Sherry escaping. Big Show and Great Khali step toe to toe in the middle of the ring almost the same size. Ranjin Singh slides into the ring and yells at Khali to retreat yelling “Not right now”. Khali hesitates wanting to fight the Big Show. Khali finally backs away and out of the ring before slowly staring down the Big Show to the backstage.)

JR: I guess Arn Anderson’s Enforcer is already working out.

Singles Match
Bad Luck Fale vs. EC3

Ding, ding, ding. EC3 sizes up Bad Luck Fale. Fale is much larger than the Cruiser X Champion. EC3 argues with the ref to back Fale up as Fale backs him into the corner following a collar to elbow tie up. The ref counts and Fale breaks it. This happens a second time, this time EC3 ducking under the top rope and arguing with the ref to back Fale away. Fale is now frustrated and backs to the opposite of the ring, taunting EC3 to “come get some”. Suddenly, The Great Khali appears with the fans booing. EC3 notices the monster and hops out of the ring, grabbing his Cruiser X title and running through the crowd. Fale notices Khali. Fale stays put in the center of the ring. Khali steps over the top rope and meets Fale in the center of the ring. The two start fighting it out. The ref calls for the bell. The two big men are exchanging blows.

Winner: DRAW

(The Big show appears with a steel chair in hand and clears house. Khali and Fale both exit on opposite sides of the ring. The Big Show starts wildly swinging the chair. Fale motions for Khali and Show to “bring it on” with Khali’s manager, Ranjin Singh, motioning for Khali to retreat for the time being.)

Goes to Commercial

(When we return Arn Anderson is standing backstage when EC3 appears.)

EC3: Listen here Commish. You need to get this place under control. I am the Cruiser X Champion. A champion Arn and I should be treated as such not put in a ring with these buffoons. Give me a worthy challenge of competition, not a bunch of seven foot idiots. You said it yourself, this is a sport of professional wrestling.

Arn Anderson: I’m glad you said that EC3 because I tend to agree with you. That is why next week right here on Thrill Zone in the main event you are going to be in a Fatal Four Way Match against Mustafa Ali and Nick and Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks. And by the way the Cruiser X division is anyone under the 230 pound weight limit. EC3, I checked with medical this morning. You are 231 pounds. About time you lose some weight in order to stay champion. Good luck champ.

(Arn walks off.)

EC3: I am essential to this company’s survival. You shall see. Mustafa Ali and The Young Bucks have nothing on me!

(The camera pans to the ring for the main event.)

Six Man Tag
RVD, Super Crazy & Rikishi v. The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks)

"The Elite" come out to the ring first to a huge crowd response. They pose in the center, as then Super Crazy comes down followed by Bill Alfonso and Rob Van Dam. Rikishi wearing the IWF World Championship draped over his shoulder, follows to another huge crowd reaction. All competitors enter their respective corners and as Super Crazy and Nick Jackson are the first set to square off, the referee calls for the bell.

Jim Ross: This should be one helluva main event folks.

Matt Striker: I couldn't be more excited, J.R.

(Nick Jackson and Super Crazy rush each other in the center of the ring and start exchanging punches and crazy kick combinations. They both dodge consecutive attacks from the other and back handspring in unison. They quickly square back up in the center of the ring with fists up and the crowd applauds. Nick ducks a right hand from Super Crazy, slips him into an armbar and drags him over to his corner. Matt Jackson tags Nick on the back and they both grab Super Crazy, then hoist him over with a double hip toss into a double back breaker. The Young Bucks go to lift Super Crazy to his feet but RVD quickly enters the ring and takes them both down with a clothesline to each. Omega enters the ring and starts exchanging blows with RVD. Super Crazy gets to his feet and charges Omega. Kenny ducks Crazy's attack and accidentally knocks RVD out of the ring. Bill Alfonso goes wild blowing his whistle on the outside and Super Crazy shrugs off his "accidental attack", as all three of "The Elite" rush on to him with a serious of wild attacks. Rikishi enters the ring slapping his behind and all three of The Elite back down slowly as the referee tries to regain control of this match.)

Matt Striker: This is complete pandemonium, J.R!

Jim Ross: It certainly has all the compound ingredients for a grade-A slobberknocker, Matt.

(Super Crazy asks Rikishi and RVD if either wants a tag. RVD reaches out but Super Crazy fakes the tag and starts slicking back his hair then doing the RVD taunt back at Van Dam himself. Matt Jackson charges the back of Super Crazy and knocks him into Van Dam causing the tag. RVD angrily enters the ring and starts and attack on Jackson forcing him back to the ropes. RVD irish whips Matt off the ropes and as he runs back to Van Dam he's taken down with a swift spin kick. RVD goes to pose for the crowd but before he can finish, Super Crazy comes off the top and lands a moonsault on Matt Jackson. Super Crazy wants the ref to make the count but he's no longer the legal man. RVD looks confused at Super Crazy as he returns to his feet and finishes off Van Dam's taunt. The ref and RVD try to get Super Crazy out of the ring and RVD tags in Rikishi. As Rikishi enters the ring, Jackson crawls to his corner and leaps to make the tag to Kenny Omega.)

Jim Ross: Business is about to pick up, Matt!

Matt Striker: That it is, J.R... Here comes our World Champ!

(Rikishi faces off in the center of the ring with Omega, while Bill Alfonso tries to settle an argument between RVD and Crazy on the outside. Kenny starts a vicious combintation on Rikishi, but the World Champ seems unphased by the attacks. Omega goes to irish whip Rikishi but it’s of no use. Rikishi whips Omega to the ropes and Omega ducks a clothesline. Omega comes off the ropes and rushes back in with a hard knee to Rikishi's head. Riksihi takes a knee as Omega hits the ropes again comes back with a V-Trigger to the back of Rikishi's head, flooring him. Omega quickly rolls Rikishi over and goes for the cover, 1... 2... Rikishi muscles Omega off him before the 3 and Omega is quickly back to his feet. He rushes over to his corner and tags back in Matt Jackson, who then immediately tags in his brother Nick. All three of The Elite then rush the World Champion and start a triple team offensive on the grounded World Champ. Van Dam and Super Crazy finally stop arguing and notice the attack on Rikishi, then quickly enter the ring to make the save.)

Matt Striker: Here we go J.R. they're all in the ring!!

Jim Ross: By god the ref is gonna lose control again.

(Super Crazy takes Kenny Omega along with himself out of the ring with a flying crossbody. RVD and Matt Jackson exchange blows repeatedly which leads them tumbling over the middle rope and down to the floor, where they continue fighting. Rikishi starts mustering up the strength to get to a knee as Nick Jackson rushes in with a Super Kick. Riksihi shakes off the first one but is caught with three more quick Super Kicks via Nick Jackson. Jackson covers Rikishi and the ref leaps down to make the count, 1... 2... NOO!! Rikishi manages to get his shoulder up breaking the count. Nick reaches down and tries lifting Rikishi to his feet but the man is too big. Nick goes over to the corner and climbs to the top. Jackson leaps off the top rope with a 450 Splash but Rikishi turns and Jackson falls face first into Rikishi's behind. Jackson quickly gets to his feet and looks sick wiping his mouth as he gets to the corner and tags out to Matt Jackson who's back up in his respective corner. Matt runs in as the crowd cheers Rikishi, as he slowly gets back up to his feet. Matt Jackson goes in for a Super Kick but it's caught but the champ. Riksihi pulls Jackson in and twists him around nailing the Rikishi Driver. Rikishi covers Jackson for the pin, 1... 2... 3 NO!! Omega comes in and breaks the count right before the 3. RVD and Super Crazy quickly enter the ring and take Omega right back out with a double clothesline over the top. Nick Jackson is distracted on the outside trying to steal Bill Alfonso's water and towel to clean his face, as Rikishi drags Matt Jackson limp body over to the corner, sets him up, and smooshes in a Stink Face. The crowd goes wild as he covers Jackson for the victory.

Winners: Rikishi, Rob Van Dam and Super Crazy

Matt Striker: What a big win for our World Champion here tonight, J.R!!

Jim Ross: And don't forget the efforts put forth by Super Crazy and Rob Van Dam as well.

Matt Striker: Very true. No discrediting The Elite, but The Champ, RVD and Super Crazy were on fire here tonight. It appears Super Crazy and RVD may finally be on the same page.

Jim Ross: Folks that'll do it for us this evening. Don't forget to join us right back here next week for another edition of IWF Thrill Zone!

Camera fades

Thrill Zone
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