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Ross Report for July 30th, 2021

Random thoughts from under the black Resistol hat reflecting on a very important week here in the IWF. Coming off a jammed pack week of our first pay-per-view Slammiversary and last night's Thrill Zone has really put this company on the map.

Our first IWF Champion has gotten off to a full slate already. After winning the IWF Championship at Slammiversary, he walked out last night to open up Thrill Zone for us only to be interrupted by Kenny Omega. Omega claims he can get Rikishi up for the One Winged Angel. I'd like to see that happen. Speaking of this new rivarly, next week on Thrill Zone, Kenny Omega's Elite (Omega & The Young Bucks) will take on Rikishi and the duo of Super Crazy and Rob Van Dam.

Speaking of RVD and Super Crazy. Bill Alfonso has his hands full with these two. Both superstars are managed by Fonzie who is having difficulty with them seeing eye to eye. I wonder how they will fair teaming together next week.

I have gotten word that Matt Sydal has left the IWF. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.

Bad Luck Fale made an impressive debut last night at Thrill Zone. Unfortunately, he destroyed the Cruiser X title match that never got started last night. EC3 seems to be unhappy with Bad Luck Fale's attack and they are set to do battle next week on Thrill Zone.

Additionally, another big debut last night was The Great Khali. Word has it that management is not happy with the destruction from The Great Khali last night following his win over Harlem Heat member, Stevie Ray. Khali put his hands on a member from the crowd and the rumor is the Board of Directors are going to deal with it accordingly. Management is so upset with his mayhem, they put him in a handicap match against Harlem Heat next week on Thrill Zone.

Running down the line of big men and a big night of big men it was. The Big Show started off his IWF career with impressive win in the main event last night. One has to wonder what direction he goes from here.

Last but not least the IWF Tag Division has taken a nasty turn. The Nasty Boys put the team of Deuce & Domino threw a set of tables last night on Thrill Zone costing the Young Bucks the match. Deuce & Domino have challenged the Nasty Boys in a non-title match next week on Thrill Zone.

Take care, see you next week!


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