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IWF Summerslam 2021

IWF Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
??? vs. Nasty Boys (c)

IWF Cruiser X Championship
??? vs. ???

Main Event
IWF Championship
Kenny Omega vs. Rikishi (c)

Slammiversary Results


(The pay-per-view warning flashes across the screen followed by the IWF logo. Right as Slammiversary comes on the air and the official Slammiversary theme “Numb" by Noise Machine & Blue_Eyed_Darkness is cut off as the fans hear a Double A’s theme song.

Jim Ross: Welcome everybody to Slammiversary. This card has been shaping up for weeks now and it is sure to be a good one.

Matt Striker: JR, I don’t know a better way to spend a Saturday night than sitting next to you for the very first Insane Wrestling Federation event.

Jim Ross: Three championship matches are set to be decided here tonight.

Matt Striker: Here comes the Commissioner.

Dave Penzer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Commissioner of the Insane Wrestling Federation.. Arn ANDERSON!!

(Arn steps into the ring and grabs a mic. The fans pop.)

Arn Anderson: Thank you, thank you, thank you. But we couldn’t do any of this without you the fans. The Insane Wrestling Federation is brought to you by the fans and for the fans. And that is just exactly what we are going to do. Bring you the best possible professional wrestling starting here tonight at Slammiversary. Let’s kick things off with the most innovative match in this business today the Ultimate X. Let’s crown our first ever Cruiser X Champion.

Ultimate X Match
Cruiser X Championship
Rob Van Dam vs. EC3 vs. Super Crazy vs. Matt Sydal

RVD is out first with Alfonso. EC3 is next. Followed by Super Crazy and finally Matt Sydal. The Cruiser X belt is strapped in the middle of the Ultimate X structure. The bell sounds as all four superstars circle the ring, staring up at the championship. Super Crazy is the first to sprint up the turnbuckle and jump on top of the X. He is pulled down by RVD. Sydal is on the other side of the structure as EC3 is holding his leg, stopping him for crossing the structure. Super Crazy and RVD are arguing as Bill Alfonso is blowing his whistle on the ring apron, yelling for them to team together and grab the belt. RVD extends his hand out to shake Super Crazy’s. Crazy smiles and throws a kick but Van Dam catches it. RVD connects with a Windmill Kick. RVD pops up and throws up his thumbs and the crowd chants Rob.. Van.. Dam. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring EC3 delivers a Belly to Back Suplex on Sydal. EC3 pops up and meets RVD in the center of the ring. They both point at the Cruiser X championship. They start exchanging punches back and forth in the center of the ring. Sydal is on his feet. RVD bounces off the ropes, EC3 drops down to the canvas. RVD runs over him and into a spinning wheel kick from Sydal. Super Crazy drop kicks Sydal from behind and he is sent flying to the outside. RVD rolls out of the ring. He and Sydal stand on the outside as Crazy springs to the top rope with an Moonsault to the outside. Sydal and RVD are taken out as Super Crazy lands on his feet. Inside the ring, EC3 is halfway to the Cruiser X title. He uses his upper body strength and inches closer and closer to it. He’s within reach when Super Crazy springboards to the top rope and missile dropkicks inside the ring to EC3 and takes him out. The fans explode. Super Crazy celebrates in excitement, throwing up his thumbs down to his shoulders for the Rob.. Van.. Dam.. chant. Alfonso is blowing his whistle for Super Crazy to stop celebrating and to grab the Cruiser X title. Crazy throws his hands at Alfonso nonchalantly to shut up. Crazy starts climbing the turnbuckle and hoists himself up on the Ultimate X wires. He begins to crossover. EC3 is up on a knee. Super Crazy is descending over EC3. Sydal rolls into the ring. Alfonso is now over by RVD waking him up. Sydal slowly scales the turnbuckle and grabs the Ultimate X wire and crosses over. He and Super Crazy meet in the middle. They try kicking each other off. EC3 grabs one of Sydal’s legs and one of Super Crazy’s legs. They both starting flailing, trying to kick away from EC3’s grasps. RVD is now climbing the steel post holding up the Ultimate X. Van Dam is up on the high wire. He is hand over hand. EC3 pulls both Sydal and Super Crazy down. They land on their feet. EC3, Sydal and Crazy starting exchanging blows. RVD is over top all of them and instead of grabbing the Cruiser X title, he launches himself with a crossbody splash taking all three superstars out. Van Dam pops up and the fans explode. Alfonso is blowing his whistle, pointing up at the belt. RVD springs back up and jumps to the top turnbuckle. He starts to climb the steel post again, this time to the top of the structure. RVD stands atop of the structure, over fifteen feet high in the air. RVD points his thumbs down at his shoulders. Alfonso is whistling for Van Dam to stop. RVD flies off the top of the structure with a Five Star Frog Splash onto Super Crazy!! The fans explode, “Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!” Alfonso can’t believe what he has just witnessed. RVD is reeling in pain, hunched in a baby cradle and kicking his legs, holding his gut. Crazy is out cold. EC3 is up now as well as Sydal. EC3 delivers an Ethan Carter Driver to Sydal. EC3 jumps up onto the Ultimate X structure. He scales across. RVD is up and tries to grab him. EC3 hoists himself up with his legs wrapped around the wires. EC3 grabs the Cruiser X title and drops to the ring.

Winner and NEWWWW Cruiser X Champion: EC3

(Arn Anderson enters the ring with the Cruiser X title. EC3 rips the belt from Anderson’s hands.)

EC3: I did exactly what I said I was going to do. I am essential to this company. Without me, the rest of you suffer. Without me there is no Insane Wrestling Federation. This Cruiser X title signifies nothing more than I am a winner and without me you are not a professional wrestling company.

(EC3 throws down the microphone with a disgusted Arn Anderson behind him.)

Matt Striker: JR, what a way to start off this pay-per-view, but EC3 does not seem happy.

Jim Ross: EC3 is certainly upset at someone but the IWF gave him an opportunity tonight and he is throwing it in our faces.

(The camera shoots backstage where Big Show stands backstage with a microphone in hand.)

Big Show: IWF. Let me state it here. I am the biggest giant in professional wrestling. Why am I here in the IWF? Because I came here to seek and destroy. Whoever thinks they can step up and beat the big man. Well I say, come on. Show me what you got. I challenge anybody in the back.

(The camera goes to ringside.)

Jim Ross: I don’t know if I would take that challenge Matt.

Matt Striker: IWF took off like a rocket. If you are looking to jump to the top, taking out the Big Show would get you there pretty quickly.

Jim Ross: We have the Omega and Lashley next. Winner of this contest guarantees you a World title shot at SummerSlam next month.

Winner Faces IWF Champion at Slammiversary
Kenny Omega vs. Lashley

Omega is in the ring first with Don Callis in his corner. Lashley is out next with an angry expression on his face. When the bell sounds, Lashley immediately charges Omega and tackles him into the turnbuckle. Omega’s back is against the turnbuckle pads as Lashley thrusts his shoulder into Omega’s gut over and over again. Callis yells at the ref to disqualify Lashley. A five count and Lashley backs off. Omega crumbles to his knees holding his abdominal region. He holds the second rope as Callis runs over to him and pats him on the back. Lashley taunts in the middle of the ring. Omega slowly gets up as Lashley smashes him in the back with a double axe handle smash. Omega hits his stomach to the mat and bounces up to his knees and hands. Another smash. Omega is hurting. Lashley picks Omega up to his feet and hits a belly to belly overhead suplex. Lashley covers for the pin but at the 2 count Callis puts Omega’s foot on the bottom rope. The ref argues with Callis. Callis says it wasn’t him. Lashley is frustrated and directs his attention to the manager on the outside. Callis distracts Lashley. Omega is up. He runs with a running bicycle knee strike to Lashley’s head. Lashley stumbles backwards and flops to the ground. Omega sets up again. Lashley is on his knees. Omega connects with another knee strike to the head. Lashley is hurting. Omega calls for his finisher. Omega can barely prop up Lashley on his shoulders. He struggles but he is able to connect with the One Winged Angel. Omega covers for the 1……2….3!

Winner: Kenny Omega

(A graphic of Thursday Night Thrill Zone pops up on the screen.)

Jim Ross: Folks, as announced on my Ross Report yesterday morning. Our premiere flagship show is Thursday Night Thrill Zone every week live on primetime television. Our first match is announced next week as the Big Show versus Lashley.

Matt Striker: I guess Big Show found has his challenger. No rest for the wicked. Lashley just lost with the upset from Kenny Omega.

Jim Ross: Matt, we are about to crown our Tag Team Champions.

Tag Team Championship
Nasty Boys vs. Young Bucks vs. Matt Cardona & Brian Meyers vs. Harlem Heat

All four teams pick a corner. Matt Cardona and Matt Jackson start in the ring. The commentary team explain over the headset that the first team to score a pinfall or submission victory are the winners and champions. The bell sounds Cardona and Matt Jackson circle the ring. They meet in the middle with a collar to elbow tie up. MJ with an arm drag. Cardona pops up and clotheslines MJ. He covers but not even a one count. MJ off the ropes with a running hurricanrana. He sends Cardona into his corner. Brian Meyers tags himself in and sprints after MJ. He takes him off his feet with a running bulldog. A cover but again nothing. An irish whip off the ropes and Stevie Ray tags himself in. Meyers and Stevie Ray meet eye to eye. Stevie Ray points to Jerry Sags. Sags tells Meyers to tag him in. Meyers tags Sags in. Sags rubs his armpits. Stevie Ray and Sags lock up. Ray backs him into his own corner and Booker T strangles Sags. Stevie Ray continues the attack on Sags. Stevie Ray with a powerslam and covers for the 1…2. And Sags kicks out. Knobbs hops into the ring as does Booker T. They begin to fight as the ref makes them get out of the ring. Stevie Ray tags in Nick Jackson. NJ climbs the top rope and launches off with a flying clothesline to Sags. Sags falls backwards and Cordona tags himself back in. Matt Jackson hops in as the Young Bucks deliver a double super kick to Cordona. Cordona falls to the mat as NJ covers and Matt is on the defensive. NJ covers Cordona but Harlem Heat storm the ring and break up the count at 2. Knobbs tags himself in from Sags. Brian Meyers slides in as does Harlem Heat. Harlem Heat clothesline Meyers out of the ring. Harlem Heat turn around as Young Bucks super kick them out of the ring. Sags is barely up. Young Bucks superkick Sags. Sags falls over the rope. Young Bucks deliver a double hung DDT. Sags rolls out. Harlem Heat, Sags, Brian Meyers are all on the outside. Cardona is behind Matt Jackson. Cardona connects with an Inverted Overdrive to Matt Jackson. Nick Jackson and Cardona start throwing fists back and forth. Suddenly, Deuce & Domino hit the ring. A Crack ‘Em in the Mouth to NJ. Cardona tries to fight Deuce & Domino off but they take him over. Cardona takes a West Side Stomp. Deuce & Domino flee the ring after the damage they caused. Knobbs stands up and flops on Cardona as the referee counts 1……2…..3!

Winners and NEWWWWW Tag Team Champions: The Nasty Boys

(Arn Anderson steps into the ring and hands the tag team titles to the Nasty Boys who are celebrating with Jimmy Hart. The camera settles on the moment before a graphic pops up of Bad Luck Fale debuting in a segment on Thrill Zone.)

Jim Ross: What a show IWF Slammiversary has shaped up to be. Folks, we are headed to the main event to crown our first ever Champion.

Matt Striker: JR, Rikishi or “Hangman” Adam Page are walking out as our champion. Wait a minute, something happened backstage.

(Backstage, the cameras find "Hangman" Adam Page hunched over hurt backstage. Officials are trying to get him to his feet. He demands to fight the main event.)

Jim Ross: What just happened? He's got a match to compete in. Who would do such a thing?

Matt Striker: He doesn't have a choice JR if he wants to win the IWF Championship because that match is now!

IWF Championship
“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Rikishi

Adam Page and Rikishi stand in the middle of the ring with introductions for the main event underway. Adam Page is holding his ribs. The referee holds the IWF World Championship high in the air for all to see. He hands it over to IWF Commissioner Arn Anderson. The bell sounds with the fans chanting both wrestlers names. Rikishi smacks his back end ready to go. Adam Page figuratively makes a lasso rope motion. Adam Page decisively decides how he is going to take the big man down. Rikishi closes in on Page. He draws nearer. Rikishi lunges at Page. Page ducks underneath his arms to the other side. Page connects with a big boot to Rikishi’s sternum. Rikishi holds his chest in agony. Page runs off the ropes and connects with a forearm smash to Rikishi. Rikishi backs up again but not off his feet. Page runs the ropes one more time and jumps into the air but Rikishi catches him and slams him down to the mat. The ref counts 1….2 but a kickout. Rikishi gets up and tries for a leg drop but Page rolls out of the way. Rikishi holds his bottom in pain. Page barely to gets to his feet. Rikishi is seated on the canvas. Page climbs to the top rope and flies off with a moonsault. He covers for the 1….2 but Rikishi bench presses him off. Rikishi is slow to get up on one knee. Page with a superkick to Rikishi who falls again to the mat. Page looks to cover but Rikishi is underneath the bottom rope and the ref won’t count. Page stomps Rikishi one after the other. Rikishi is trying to get up. Page jumps on his back for a sleeper hold. Rikishi stands to his feet. The ref asks if he gives up but he refuses. He throws himself back and lands on his back with Page on him. Page gasps for air. Rikishi covers for the 1….2.. but Page manages to get a shoulder up. Page crawls backwards gasping for air. He throws himself into the corner. Rikishi pulls up his tights and slaps his butt-cheeks. Rikishi walks backwards and sit down in the corner with the Stinkface to Adam Page! The crowd pops with cheers. Rikishi rubs his cheeks back and forth before coming out of the corner throwing his hands up in the air for “Raise the Roof”. Page gasps for even more air. He lays now in the corner. Rikishi climbs the first rope and the second. He bounces up and down and drops for the Banzai Drop! He remains on top of Adam Page for the 1….2….3!

Your winner and NEWWWWWW IWF Champion: Rikishi

(The fans explode in the arena. Rikishi can’t believe it. Arn Anderson enters the ring with the brand new IWF Championship belt. Rikishi hugs him before grasping the World title. Rikishi holds the belt over his head.)

Jim Ross: We have our first IWF Champion. Rikishi has done it! Rikishi has won the IWF Championship!

Matt Striker: A historic moment to start off our companies legacy JR.

Jim Ross: That is all from Slammiversary. We will see you next week at Thursday Night Thrill Zone. For Matt Striker, this is good ol’ JR. Good night from Jacksonville!

(Scene fades black.)

IWF Copyright. 2021

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